An Introduction

Hello reader. My name is Geoffroy Vautrin and here begins my tale of a very unusual boy and his many unimaginable misadventures. Today I shall attempt to provide a rough sketch of this character to help you get to know and perhaps appreciate his peculiarities as I have.

You might expect based on the nickname “imagination boy”, that he is simply a young child who likes to daydream. I assure you, there is nothing simple about him. He is in fact a middle-aged man though more than a few years younger than myself. He’s of average build now, though a bit shorter than average at 5 foot 6. Most of his life, he’s carried anywhere from 40 to 60 pounds of excess weight which has no doubt proved a great burden to both his frame and self-esteem.

He has short dark brown hair though he has often had the desire to let it grow out. He did manage to grow it quite long a few years ago but couldn’t keep his fingers out of it, nor did it do much to help cover the bald spot developing on the back of his head. His beard, which he keeps short, is reddish brown in color. He is of the age now where flecks of white can be found in his beard as well as on his head. His eyes are green and he has always considered them too small relative to the size of his head.

Though he is often unaware of this, there is something likable about him. Both young and old alike seem to take to him quite readily. This is a complete mystery to him. He does possess a certain childlike quality evidenced by the fact that most people refrain from unpleasant topics of conversation in his presence.

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