About Me

Greetings reader. My name is Geoffroy Vautrin, no relation to persons living or dead I assure you. I am not “imagination boy”, but I have taken it upon myself to pen this record of his misadventures. If you come across anything odd or confounding in these tales, as in much of life, you will need to accept them as they are. I cannot vouch for the voracity of these accounts, as many of them I have not witnessed. I am simply here retelling things I have heard.

You may think it bawdry of me to publish these tales based solely on hearsay, all the while ascribing them to some obscure figure with a ridiculous nickname. Obviously, I wish to protect his identity. The nickname “imagination boy” is of my own choosing. You will have to decide for yourself after reading these accounts whether the name is appropriate. I find the title amusing myself, but I am hardly a good judge of such things.

I have no intention of boring you with such insignificant details as who I am or why I am doing this. I suspect my identity and intentions will become clear soon enough. Whether these tales entertain, educate, inspire, encourage, or provoke outrage is no concern of mine at this point. I suspect there are very few who will ever read them, and fewer still who will take them to heart. To those of you who are reading, allow me to express my gratitude. Without you, this would all be quite pointless.


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